Verification Policy

We're committed to earning the confidence of our visitors and registered users by keeping VoterVillage transparent, and by verifying the official voter registration of each user. We will compare the name and mailing address of all VoterVillage users with official Board of Elections records (which are publicly available) and send notices to anyone who's voter registration cannot be found.

Again, voting and commenting on VoterVillage will be restricted to users we can verify as officially registered to vote.

As new users register for VoterVillage, we'll initiate a check with Board of Elections data to verify the user is on file as a registered voter. If we cannot find an active voter registration officially recorded at the address provided, a message will be emailed to the user explaining our finding. We will invite all "refused users" to register with the Board of Elections were they live, and re-apply for VoterVillage registration at such time as their BOE voter registration can be verified.

We welcome you to contact us with questions about this policy, anytime.

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